Radium Box offers online RD service renew and online RD service recharge for 3M Cogent CSD 200 Finger Scanner

The CSD 200, a single-digit optical fingerprint scanner from 3M Cogent,
is encased in a sturdy and small housing and captures high-quality flat impressions quickly, reliably, and easily.

Cogent RD Service
Cogent RD Service Features

High Quality

High-quality devices to enroll, authenticate, and identify users.

Cogent RD Service Features

Awesome Design

Durable, lightweight, and ergonomic design.

Cogent RD Service Features

Latest Technology

Network biometric authentication, biometric travel document authentication, and identity verification are all made easier with this robust solution.

Cogent RD Service Features

User Friendly

Durable, lightweight, and ergonomic design.

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Cogent RD Service

Our Device Description

Cogent optical fingerprint scanners are all FBI App-F certified which are ideal for system integrators and solution providers because of their ergonomic design and easy-to-integrate SDK architecture. These fingerprint scanners are used for various UIDAI Aadhaar authentication and identification purposes.

The CSD 200 is a single-digit optical fingerprint scanner with a tough and small design. Ambient light rejection and liveness/fake fingerprint identification are improved by the upgraded optical system.

Powered by USB 2.0, enables seamless integration with new or existing applications while removing the need for extra cables and an image capture board. The CSD200i's sturdy, lightweight, and ergonomic design make it portable without sacrificing image quality.

PIV-071006 (FBI) It is perfect for network biometric authentication, biometric travel document authentication, and identity verification. This fingerprint scanner is designed to read and match single-digit fingerprints while removing many of the drawbacks of traditional login methods.

The gadget has a 500ppi resolution, a Windows operating system, a USB 2.0 interface, a display resolution of 480x320 pixels, auto-capture, and adjustable brightness, contrast, and gain functionalities, as per the new UIDAI standard. The camera is capable of capturing ten frames per second. This 220g plastic black fingerprint reader is a more secure option for offices.

  • Low maintenance
  • Ergonomic, lightweight, and durable design
  • Captures high-quality flat fingerprint images
  • Ambient light rejection
  • Large active platen area
  • 10 frames/second image capture
  • Fully featured with auto-capture, adjustable brightness, contrast, and gain functions
  • Liveness and fake fingerprint detection
  • FBI PIV-071006 Mobile ID FAP 20, FIPS 201 PIV certified

If you are connecting a Cogent biometric device and the screen says "NO DEVICE WITH RD SERVICE DETECTED", or if you are searching for an online RD service Cogent, then you are in the right place. Cogent CSD 200 RD service provided by Radium Box is UIDAI authenticated and pocket friendly. Radium Box offers Cogent RD service registration and Cogent RD service download for 3M Cogent CSD 200 Finger Scanner.

Our Device Features

  • User-friendly
  • Convenient to use
  • Offers a reliable, ergonomic, and cost-effective solution for enrollment, identity verification, and user identification.
  • All-in-one solution: Enrollment, Verification, and Identification
Cogent RD Service