Frequently Asked Questions - RD Service

Q1. Why Radium Box?

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Q2. Why should you buy from Radium Box?

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Q4. What is biometrics?

Digital systems can employ biometrics, which are behavioural or physical characteristics, to ascertain a person's authorization to use a given set of tools, programmes, or data. Biometric identifiers include features of the face, fingerprints, voice intonation, and typing cadence.

Q5. Why are businesses using biometrics for authentication?

Employing biometrics allows businesses to protect sensitive data by limiting access to only those who are authorised. Your biometrics system will significantly improve your company's security and deter cyber thieves.

Q6. What is an identity management system?

An identity management system prevents unauthorised access to systems and resources, aids in preventing the exfiltration of enterprise or protected data, and raises alerts and alarms when access attempts are made by unauthorised individuals or programmes, whether from inside or outside the enterprise perimeter.

Q7. What is RD service?

The RD Service is a registered device service used to provide secure biometric capture and authentication when using UIDAI's Aadhaar-based services. It complies with the Aadhaar Registered Devices Specification.

Q8. What are the benefits offered by RD service?

Identification of the device. Each device has a distinctive identity that enables fraud management, analytics, and traceability.

Eliminating the usage of stored biometrics. To confirm that biometric data was recorded live, it is signed internally by the device using the provider key. Before returning to the host application, the Registered Device (RD) Service of the device provider must construct the encrypted PID block.

Device providers provide standardised RD services that are certified. This RD Service contains the biometric capture, any user experiences during capture (such as a preview), as well as the biometric signing and encryption.

Q9. What is level 0 compliance of biometric devices?

If the signing and encryption of biometrics are implemented within the software zone at the host OS level, the device security implementation has level 0 compliance. In this situation, great consideration must be given to the management of private keys to guarantee that it is secured against the user or external OS programme access. All device manufacturers should at the very least achieve level 0 compliance, and they shouldn't have any means of quickly obtaining the private key or injecting biometrics.

Q10. Why get RD Service from Radium Box?

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