How To Do StarTek FM220 RD Service Renewal?

How To Do StarTek FM220 RD Service Renewal?

How To Do StarTek FM220 RD Service Renewal?

The Government of India has ambitiously started Aadhaar, the largest biometric gathering effort in the world, in order to introduce its citizens and residents to biometric authentication and, of course, to improve access to government services.

The country has also been striving to transition government services authentication from the current system to Aadhaar-based biometric authentication. Aadhaar authentication is also offered online or remotely by some of these providers.

NRIs (foreign-born Indians), who previously needed to travel to India for physical identification in order to use the Jeevan Praman pension scheme and many other government services, have benefited greatly from this breakthrough.

To ensure that Aadhaar-based authentication is as secure as its physical equivalent and to eliminate any potential manipulation (for example, using a false or previously recorded biometric identification), UIDAI has established the RD service.

The regulation of Aadhaar-based authentication for both commercial and public enterprises is the responsibility of the government organisation UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).

What is StarTek FM220?

The UIDAI and STQC Certified StarTek fingerprint scanners are utilised for AADHAAR authentication, DLCs, and other identity requirements. These scanners provide quick scanning and matching speeds while adhering to minimal image distortion standards. 

With StarTek fingerprint scanners, you may choose from a variety of security levels to suit the needs of various applications.

The StarTek FM220 is a compact optical reader using CMOS technology that is made for high-quality biometric security in identity identification applications. FM220 has received certification from the FBI-PIV and STQC and meets the highest standards.

The FM220 fingerprint scanner has been successfully used and tested in outlying areas of India, demonstrating that it functions in abrasive and dusty conditions. 

The FM220 is shock-proof to prevent any damage from mishaps, as well as from penetration by dust and water. Its ergonomic design guides the finger to the most optimal scanning position.

How to register StarTek FM220 with StarTek RD Service?

StarTek RD service is provided by Radium Box as Aadhaar-based biometric authentication is meant for Indian residents.

The procedure to register a StarTek biometric device with the StaerTek RD service after purchasing it in India is as follows:

  • Kindly visit the RD Service page to fill out all the necessary information.

  • After selecting the device name as StarTek and the model name as FM220, you need to provide the serial number of your device, which can be found on the back of your device.

  • The registration of your device should be processed within 1-2 official working days of you inputting the required information and submitting the form. Visit the RD Status page to check the current status of your device registration.

  • By following the same steps as you did when registering your device, you can also do your StarTek RD service renewal.

Final Thoughts

It's up to you what you want to do with your StarTek biometric device now that it can perform Aadhaar biometric authentication online. It can be used for any government service that recognises Aadhaar for online identity authentication.

Jeevan Praman is the most often used government service for which people provided their identities. You may prove your identity with Jeevan Praman without having to go to a bank or pension disbursing office because it is so simple to use, and StarTek RD service for FM220 single fingerprint scanner makes it possible. provides a secure and convenient platform for Startek RD Service Renewal.

Simply follow the instructions above to create your Digital Life Certificate (DLC) and let StarTek FM220 RD service save you time.