How to Prevent Indentiyf Theft in 2023

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For a number of desktop applications, such as cashless payments and workstation access, personal identity is necessary.


Utilizing IDEMIA's unique optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, which are famous worldwide for their high levels of performance and outstanding robustness, the MSO 1300 Series harnesses the power of biometrics to enhance customer security.


A dependable, useful, and cost-effective option for user identification, enrollment, and identity verification is offered by these compact USB sensors.


Their match-on-device (up to 1:10,000 users) or match-on-card (for variations equipped with a smartcard reader) features have been improved with strong security measures, guaranteeing the flawless protection of information.


The most advanced models in the series can recognise a substantial panel of fake prints and provide a fingerprint image that has been approved by the FBI (PIV IQS) and the STQC. A Micro-USB connection option is also available for apps on smartphones.


Platforms for Windows, Linux, and Android can be readily integrated using the MSO SDK.


Benefits of Morpho E2/E3 Finger Device



The MSO 1300 Series was developed with affordability and portability in mind, without compromising fingerprint acquisition accuracy. To ensure optimal capture and consistent finger positioning, the active area measures 0.5" x 0.8".

Intelligent devices

The MSO 1300 Series devices can give fingerprint images as well as code/match templates, run complicated algorithms on their embedded processors, and encrypt those algorithms to protect user data.



The FBI's (PIV IQS) and STQC's certified E3 and E2 versions produce a fingerprint image that can distinguish between a variety of fake prints, including those made with latex, Plasticine, Kapton, transparent film, rubber, Play-Doh, graphite, or paper.

Steps to Check the Morpho device Serial number on Mobile

To check the serial number of the Morpho Fingerprint Scanner, follow these steps:



The RD Service status needs to be "READY."



Final Thoughts

UIDAI's Aadhaar authentication is continually looking for the best fingerprint scanners at competitive prices because biometric technology is always upgrading.


You could find the Morpho MSO 1300 E/E2/E3 fingerprint scanner on Radium Box, where you can also obtain these scanners at the cheapest price, and it will likely suit your technical, aesthetic, and economical requirements.


Additionally, Radium Box offers one- to three-year registration for the Morpho RD Service. You can also add an AMC Warranty to your biometric device.