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Biometric Device Certification

Radium Box, the biometrics specialist, provides an easy and hassle-free Registered Device Service (RDS) for your precious biometric device that enables customers and end-users to register their fingerprint devices with UIDAI.

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Radium Box, the biometrics specialist and an Indian eCommerce IT company is dedicated to a wide range of Aadhaar related biometric devices, its software and RD services. Radium Box’s UIDAI Certified RD Service enables end-users to register their devices with UIDAI in an effortless and efficient manner. Thus, Radium Box is your one-stop solution for all biometrics related concerns!

Who we Are


RD Service Provider

Radium Box provides RD Service for any biometric device from any company such as Morpho, Mantra, Cogent, Secugen and Nitgen.

Radium Box eCommerce

For all your e-commerce needs, Radium Box is the perfect solution. We offer the best deal for everything ranging from biometric devices to electronic gadgets.

Radium Box Group

Apart from Radium Box eCommerce, Radium Box Group is a multi-dimensional organization that facilitates humankind through its various sectors ranging from Radium Box Foundation to Radium Care.

Our Portfolio

We at Radium Box believe in achieving excellence through our customer satisfaction. Besides business, we try to provide a unique solution that is tailored and meets every part of the customer's requirement.

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40-GF, Harmony Mall, Goregaon(W), Mumbai-400,104 RD Service helpline number - 785 0000 143 [email protected] rdservice.in