Jeevan Pramaan: Simplifying Life Certificate Verification



Jeevan Pramaan (JP), introduced by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi on November 10, 2014, is a significant initiative of the Government of India. It aims to simplify the cumbersome process of obtaining a "Life Certificate" for pensioners, a necessity for over a crore pensioners, including those from the Central Government and Defense personnel. Traditionally, pensioners had to physically appear or send a life certificate in a specified format to their Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs), typically banks or post offices, every November.

However, this requirement placed significant burdens on elderly and infirm pensioners. The Jeevan Pramaan scheme offers a solution by digitizing the entire process. It empowers pensioners to generate a Digital Life Certificate (DLC) through a user-friendly software application. This digital certificate is secured through Aadhaar-based Biometric Authentication, enhancing accuracy and security. Importantly, the DLC is stored online, easily accessible by both the pensioner and the Pension Disbursing Agency whenever necessary, making the process of pension disbursement more efficient and hassle-free.


Key Elements of the Jeevan Pramaan (JP) or Digital Life Certificate:

The Jeevan Pramaan, or Digital Life Certificate, comprises three key components:


A. Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSAs):


B. Pension Disbursing Agency (PDAs):


C. Pensioners:


Advantages and Significance of Jeevan Pramaan:


Jeevan Pramaan, known as the Digital Life Certificate, offers a multitude of invaluable benefits and holds immense importance for pensioners. First and foremost, it simplifies the process of submitting life certificates, alleviating the significant challenges often faced by retirees, particularly those who may be elderly or have limited mobility. The convenience it brings is remarkable; pensioners can effortlessly generate their certificates online, eliminating the need for physical presence at government offices or banks.Jeevan Pramaan incorporates biometric authentication, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the certificates. Furthermore, it enhances accessibility by storing Digital Life Certificates online, allowing pensioners and Pension Disbursing Agencies easy access whenever required. This not only streamlines the process but also reduces administrative costs for both pensioners and government agencies, making it a cost-effective solution.One of its most vital roles is in ensuring the timely disbursement of pensions, providing financial security to retirees who depend on these funds for their livelihood. Jeevan Pramaan stands as a commendable government initiative, prioritizing the welfare and convenience of pensioners, underlining its significance in modernizing and simplifying pension disbursement processes.


Prerequisites for Generating a Digital Life Certificate:


i) Possession of an Aadhaar number is mandatory. 

ii) An active mobile number is required. 

iii) Prior registration of the Aadhaar number with the Pension Disbursing Agency (bank, post office, etc.) is essential.

iv) A compatible biometric device (list of supported devices available on the JP portal) is needed. 

v) For PC usage, a system with Windows 7.0 and above is necessary. For mobile/tablet use, Android 4.0 and above is required. 

vi) A stable internet connection is a must.


Generating a Digital Life Certificate (DLC) - Where and How


Pensioners have two options for generating their Digital Life Certificate, either independently or through assistance. Here's how and where to do it:


i) Self-Generation:


ii) Assisted Generation:


Two-Step Process for Online DLC with Client Application:

To facilitate the generation of the Digital Life Certificate (DLC) through the client application, pensioners can follow this straightforward two-step process:

  1. Download Client Software:
    • Pensioners can download the Jeevan Pramaan Windows and Android client software from the official portal.
    • The client software simplifies the life certificate registration process and utilizes the Aadhaar Biometric Authentication platform for authentication.
    • To access the client software, pensioners need to provide their email in the online form, which can be found at
    • The link to download the client application will become available after submitting the email address. Pensioners or authorized operators can download the client application as per their specific requirements.


  1. Generation of DLC:
    • The generation of DLC using the Client Application Software (which includes registration and the actual generation of the Jeevan Pramaan) is carried out in two fundamental steps.


2.1 Operator Authentication and Device Registration are essential steps in the process, required for biometric device authentication. This step is a one-time requirement, whether the Digital Life Certificate (DLC) generation is being handled by agencies or the pensioners themselves.Here's how the process unfolds:



2.2 Authentication and Certificate Generation for pensioners is a straightforward process facilitated by the online application form. Here's How it works:



Supported Biometric Devices:


Here are the list of  biometric devices compatible with the Jeevan Pramaan application:


1. Morpho mso 1300 e2/e3/L1:


The Morpho MSO 1300 E2/E3/L1 is a series of biometric fingerprint scanners known for their precision and security features. These devices are designed to capture and verify fingerprints accurately, making them ideal for applications such as identity verification, access control, and attendance management. With advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, the Morpho MSO 1300 series ensures reliable and efficient biometric authentication, enhancing security in various domains.


2. Mantra MFS100/MFS110/MIIS100:


The Mantra MFS100 & MFS110 are biometric fingerprint scanners known for their compact design & high-quality performance. These devices are widely used for tasks such as identity verification, access control, and attendance management. The Mantra MFS100/MFS110 series offers fast and accurate fingerprint capturing, ensuring reliable biometric authentication. Their ease of use and compatibility with various applications make them popular choices in sectors where secure identity verification is essential.


3.Mantra MIIS100


The Mantra MIIS100 is a compact and advanced biometric fingerprint scanner designed for various applications, including identity verification, access control & attendance management. Known for its accuracy & reliability, this device is capable of capturing and verifying fingerprints quickly and efficiently. The Mantra MIIS100 is a popular choice in sectors where secure biometric authentication is essential for enhancing security and efficiency.


4.  Iritech Mk2120ul :


The IriTech MK2120UL is a state-of-the-art dual-iris recognition scanner developed by IriTech, a leading name in biometric technology. This compact device excels in capturing high-resolution iris images for precise and secure biometric authentication. Its speed and reliability make it an ideal choice for applications like access control, time and attendance, and identity verification, ensuring enhanced security and accuracy in various settings.


5. Iritech mk2120u:


The IriTech MK2120U is a cutting-edge iris recognition scanner created by IriTech, a prominent company specializing in biometric technology. This device is designed to capture high-resolution iris images, offering reliable & secure biometric authentication. Its compact design & speed make it well-suited for various applications, including access control, time and attendance management, and identity verification, ensuring enhanced security and accuracy.


6. Secugen hpro20/ hpro20AP:

The SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 (HPro20) and Hamster Pro 20AP (HPro20AP) are advanced fingerprint scanners known for their accuracy and security features. These devices are designed for various biometric applications, including identity verification, access control, and time & attendance management. They are capable of quickly and reliably capturing & verifying fingerprint data, making them ideal for enhancing security and efficiency in a wide range of sectors. The "AP" in the HPro20AP model may indicate that it includes an Auto-On feature for automatic finger placement detection, making it even more convenient for users.


7. Startek FM220/FM220U:

The Startek FM220 and FM220U are advanced fingerprint scanners known for their precision and reliability. These devices are designed for various biometric applications, including identity verification, access control & attendance management. The "U" in the FM220U model may indicate USB connectivity, making it easily accessible for various devices. These scanners are capable of capturing and verifying fingerprint data quickly and accurately, enhancing security and efficiency in a wide range of sectors.


8. Access FM220 L1:

The Access FM220 L1 is a fingerprint scanner known for its accuracy and security features. This device is designed for various biometric applications, including identity verification, access control & attendance management. The "L1" in the model name may refer to a specific version or feature set of the scanner. The Access FM220 L1 is capable of capturing and verifying fingerprint data quickly and reliably, making it a valuable tool for enhancing security and efficiency in various sectors.


We do not endorse the use of any device, and the choice remains at your discretion for your specific purpose.

Please be informed that, Based on the latest update from UIDAI, there might be an occurrence of L0 RD deployment. Rest assured, We will provide you with regular updates on this matter.



In the realm of pensioner services, Jeevan Pramaan emerges as a beacon of simplicity and convenience. This digital life certificate initiative by the Government of India has successfully eased the burden on pensioners, particularly the elderly and infirm, who previously struggled with the annual life certificate submission process.

Jeevan Pramaan streamlines the procedure, leveraging digital technology and biometric authentication. By offering pensioners the choice to either generate their certificates independently or seek assistance from designated service centers, it caters to a wide range of preferences and capabilities.Jeevan Pramaan stands as a testament to the government's commitment to its citizens' welfare. It not only simplifies life certificate verification but also upholds the dignity & comfort of our pensioners. It's a fine example of How technology can be harnessed to make lives easier, even in the later stages. The future of pensioner services is here, and it's simplified with Jeevan Pramaan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Jeevan Pramaan, and why is it important for pensioners?

Answer: Jeevan Pramaan is a digital life certificate that enables pensioners to easily prove their existence and continue receiving their pensions. It's crucial because it simplifies the process of obtaining a life certificate and minimizes the hardships faced by pensioners, particularly the elderly and infirm.

Q2: How can pensioners generate a Digital Life Certificate (DLC)?

Answer: Pensioners can generate a DLC in two ways. They can either use the Jeevan Pramaan client application available on the JP portal or visit a nearby Citizen Service Centre (CSC) or a designated bank or government office with DLC generation facilities.

Q3: What are the prerequisites for generating a Digital Life Certificate?

Answer: Pensioners need an Aadhaar number, an active mobile number, prior registration of their Aadhaar with the Pension Disbursing Agency, a supported biometric device, a compatible device (PC or mobile), and internet connectivity.

Q4: How does the biometric authentication process work?

Answer: Pensioners use the supported biometric device to authenticate themselves using their Aadhaar information. The system verifies their identity and generates the Digital Life Certificate.

Q5: Is the Jeevan Pramaan process secure and reliable?

Answer: Yes, the Jeevan Pramaan process is secure and reliable. It uses Aadhaar-based biometric authentication for accurate identity verification, ensuring the authenticity of the certificates.

Q6: Can pensioners access their Digital Life Certificates online?

Answer: Yes, the Digital Life Certificates are stored online and can be accessed by both the pensioner and the Pension Disbursing Agency whenever needed.