Personal identification is required for a variety of desktop applications, including cashless payments and workstation access. 


The MSO 1300 Series uses the power of biometrics to improve client security by utilising IDEMIA's patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, which are renowned globally for their high levels of performance and remarkable robustness.


These small USB sensors provide a dependable, practical, and affordable option for user identification, enrollment, and identity verification. 


The flawless safety of information is ensured by their match-on-device (up to 1:10,000 users) or match-on-card (for variants equipped with a smartcard reader) functionalities, which have been upgraded with robust security measures.


The most sophisticated models in the series give a fingerprint image that is approved by the FBI (PIV IQS) and the STQC and are able to identify a sizable panel of fake prints. For smartphone applications, there is also a Micro-USB connection option.


With the MSO SDK, platforms for Windows, Linux, and Android may be quickly integrated.

Benefits of Morpho E2/E3 Finger Device

benefits of morpho e2/e3 finger device


The MSO 1300 Series was created with cost-effectiveness and compactness in mind, without sacrificing the accuracy of fingerprint acquisition. The active area is 0.5" x 0.8" to provide optimal capture and consistent finger positioning.

Intelligent devices

In addition to delivering fingerprint images, the MSO 1300 Series devices are also capable of coding/matching templates, running complex algorithms on their embedded processor, and encrypting them to safeguard user data.


The E3 and E2 variations create a fingerprint image that is approved by the FBI (PIV IQS) and the STQC, and they can identify a wide range of fake prints, such as those created using latex, Plasticine, Kapton, transparent film, rubber, Play-Doh, graphite, or paper.

How to register Morpho E2/E3 Finger Device with Morpho RD Service?

Online RD service is provided by Radium Box as Aadhaar-based biometric authentication is meant for Indian residents.


The procedure to register a Morpho E2/E3 Finger Device with the Morpho RD service after purchasing it in India is as follows:



Morpho E2/E3 finger device's official distributor, Radium Box, is your online partner for any technical support, including Morpho RD service renewal.

Final Thoughts

Biometric technology is always evolving, and UIDAI's Aadhaar authentication is constantly searching for the best fingerprint scanners at reasonable pricing.


On Radium Box, where you can also get the best price on the Morpho E2/E3 fingerprint scanner, you may discover the biometric device meets your technical, aesthetic, and financial criteria.


Radium Box also provides registration for the Morpho RD Service for one to three years. Your biometric device can also have an AMC Warranty added to it.

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