Unlocking the Potential of Registered Device Management: Ensuring Security and Compliance for Aadhaar & MOSIP Devices

In an era where national identity management platforms like Aadhaar and MOSIP play a pivotal role, ensuring the security and compliance of registered devices is paramount. Introducing our Registered Device Management (RDM) Platform – a comprehensive, fully managed solution designed to meet the unique needs of L0 and L1 compliant devices.


 RDM Platform boasts a wealth of features aimed at simplifying device management, maximizing availability, and enhancing security. Let's explore its capabilities:


Administration Portal: A customizable portal allows for role-based management of devices, cost monitoring, and administration of registered device activities.


Secure API Integrations:   These platform facilitates safer API integrations with devices, adhering to UIDAI specifications.


  Device Key Management:   Manage device encryption keys securely through Hardware Security Modules (HSM).


  Telemetry Data Monitoring:   Gain insights into device performance and telemetry data through our management server.


  Device Application Change Management:   Ensure compliance with UIDAI guidelines for device application changes.


  Device SDK Support:   With support for multiple platforms and technical assistance for integration, developers can streamline the process.


  APIs for Device Registration:   Facilitate device registration and deregistration processes through APIs.


  Robust Firmware Security:   THe SaaS-based model ensures secure signing, encryption, and maintenance of firmware for L1 devices, with signing keys stored in physical HSM.


  Chip Provisioning:   Chip provisioning services for L1 devices include chip identity generation and firmware personalization.


  Seamless Upgrades:   Tight integration with L1 devices ensures seamless field upgrades.


  Chip Mastering:   Services for chip manufacturers include firmware personalization and unique chip identity generation.


The advantages of RDM Platform are abundant:


-   Simplified Device Management:   Faster registration, deregistration, software upgrades, and key rotation.

-   High Availability:   A highly available service architecture with full DR capability.

-   Affordable Pricing Model:   Flexible pricing options to suit your needs.

-   Multiple Device Onboarding Options:   Onboard devices using various methods, mapped to specific customers for telemetry.

-   In-Built Compliance:   Compliant with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard, with regular security audits.

-   Device Manufacturing Support:   Provision L1 device identity during manufacturing.

-   Reliable Technical Support:   Customized support throughout integration and beyond.


With a track record of supporting millions of devices and successful testing with MOSIP registered devices, our RDM Platform is ready to meet your needs. Implementable with minimal turnaround time and options for private cloud setup, it's the solution you've been searching for. Reach out to us today and unlock the full potential of registered device management.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Registered Device Management (RDM) Platform?

The RDM Platform is a scalable, fully managed SaaS-based IoT platform designed to support both L0 and L1 compliant devices for critical national identity management platforms like Aadhaar and MOSIP.

What features does the RDM Platform offer?

The platform offers a range of features including administration portal, secure API integrations, device key management, telemetry data monitoring, device application change management, device SDK support, APIs for device registration, robust firmware security, chip provisioning, seamless upgrades, and chip mastering services.

How does the RDM Platform simplify device management?

 It facilitates faster registration and deregistration of devices, software upgrades, key rotation, and compliance with UIDAI guidelines, all through a customizable role-based administration portal.

How does the RDM Platform ensure security?

 The platform employs a range of security measures including secure signing, encryption, and maintenance of firmware for L1 devices, compliance with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard, and regular security audits.

What support does the RDM Platform offer for device manufacturers?

 It provides chip provisioning services for L1 devices such as chip identity generation, firmware personalization, and secure firmware download for chip manufacturers.

Can the RDM Platform be integrated with different operating systems?

Yes, the platform supports multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, and Android, with technical support provided to ensure seamless integration.

How does the RDM Platform handle device onboarding?

 Devices can be onboarded using various methods including one-time token, device whitelisting, and whitelisting from the manufacturer, with options to map devices to specific customers for telemetry purposes.

Is technical support available for users of the RDM Platform?

Yes, the platform offers customized technical support throughout the integration process and beyond, with portal and email-based support driven by SLAs.

What is the track record of the RDM Platform?
The platform currently supports more than 2 million devices and has been successfully tested with MOSIP registered devices for both L0 and L1 compliance.
How can I get started with the RDM Platform?

Simply engage with us to discuss your needs and requirements, and our team will provide the right solution to help you stay protected and fulfill your security goals.