RD Service: An Overview to Secure Biometric Registration

What is RD Service?

The Registered Device (RD) Service ensures the security of biometric data in Aadhaar-based applications by preventing third-party access for future authentication. Each fingerprint scan is authenticated by the RD service provider, encrypted, and timestamped before transmission to the host application. This process safeguards against data misuse and ensures integrity.


Following UIDAI guidelines, registered devices are mandatory for Aadhaar-based operations. Certified for AADHAAR authentication at LEVEL 0, this device complies with UIDAI specifications. Users must cover applicable charges for RD SERVICE to maintain device functionality for AADHAAR authentication. Accessing the RD SERVICE India registration page allows users to apply for RD registration, ensuring compliance and seamless authentication processes.


List of Registered Devices:





Frequently Asked Questions

Which models of biometric devices are approved as Registered Devices?

Biometric device models that certified as Registered Devices include Mantra MFS 100/110 L1 Rd Services, Morpho RD Services, StarTek FM220 U L0/L1 RD Services, Secugen Rd Services, Iritech Irishield MK2120UL Iris Scanner RD Services, Mantra MIS 100 Rd Services.

Can one use the RD Service for authentication outside of India?

No, RD Service is specifically designed for residents of India and should only be used while residing in India.

Is RD Service registration required?
Yes, RD Service registration is mandatory as per the norms and new guidelines of UIDAI - Gov. of India.
Is RD Service free?

No, RD Service is a paid service that includes a Management Server fee, OEM data maintenance, and one year of full remote installation support.

Are Morpho devices certified for Level 0 or Level 1?

Yes, Morpho devices are certified for both Level 0 and Level 1 authentication.